More Holiday Shenanigans + A Taste of Austin


I don’t know about you guys, but I am starting to feel like time is flying even faster now that the holidays are here! Your Austin Area Home Team is keeping very busy with both new and current clients, and it is wonderful to bring happy buyers and sellers together during this time of the year– its like piling more happiness and excitement on top of their holiday cheer!

Lot’s of fun things are happening here, and as promised, I have more funnies to share with you. So let’s go back a week or so to the post-Thanksgiving weekend. Friday and Saturday were full of adventures! My friend Claire and I made a special trip to Dallas to get our hair done by the most amazing hair-dresser ever, Chad Rogers, at Jean Philipe.

Chad, Claire & I at the salon.

Chad, Claire & I at the salon.

Chad is a genius. I literally go in and say do whatever you want, I know it will be fantastic! And, ta-da! Here is the finished product from our visit!

Claire, Stephanie & I at The Bottle Shop off Greenville in Dallas.

Claire, Stephanie & I at The Bottle Shop off of Greenville in Dallas.

We then ventured back down to our hometown to watch my dad’s band play a gig out at the lake- so much fun! It was wonderful to be able to spend time with my good friends from home, and I am so thankful for their grace and presence in my life.

Fast-forward to Saturday afternoon. My mom, dad and I decide to go to the local Christmas tree lot to buy a real tree. In the past, we had “Christmas Tree Wars” with my Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Cackie to see who would have the tallest tree each season, but its been many years since a beautiful evergreen graced our home with smell of Christmas. And just FYI, the tallest tree we ever had was about 18 feet tall (a monster), but Cackie and Ronnie still won the overall contest!

Needless to say, our once well-honed Christmas tree wrangling skills were a bit rusty. So, we pull up to the tree lot in my dad’s jeep with a tarp, a rope and a plan to tie that thing to the top of the car. We pick out a lovely, yummy smelling tree, hoist it upward and tie it up tight.

Sounds fool proof, right?

Its not. Unfortunately, all of the passenger doors were tied shut. As we sat there scratching our heads, the only viable solution seemed to be to climb through the windows so we closed mom in the back, and dad and I wiggled into to the front seats.

The severity of the situation quickly escalated as we realized we had more stops to make. It went a little something like this: stop one– climb out of the windows to open back door for mom to get out. Climb up to the front to roll up windows. Climb out. Shop. Climb back in to roll down the windows. Climb out. Close mom inside. Wiggle back in through the window. Stop two– Home Depot. Climb out of the window.  Watch as people point and laugh. Let mom out. Climb in to roll up windows. Climb out. Shop. Climb in to roll down windows again. Climb back out. Close mom inside. Wiggle back in through the windows. Watch more people point and laugh. Whew! I would have pointed and laughed too, but hey, it makes for a good story!

Unfortunately, I do not have any photos or videos of these shenanigans, but next time I will certainly be prepared.

Among all of the holiday craziness + working long hours, I still take time to enjoy all that my amazing city has to offer! Last week, I had a lunch date with a fellow Realtor at one of my favorite Austin-y spots, Bouldin Creek Cafe. While I was still in school, this little coffee shop/delicious cafe, was in my regular study rotation (my other mainstay was Thunderbird Coffee). Bouldin Creek has great coffee, a nice beer selection, incredible, organic, healthy food, a monthly rotating art show and an atmosphere that is the epitome of Austin.

Bouldin Creek Cafe bar area.

Bouldin Creek Cafe bar area.

Located on the corner of South First and Mary, they also have a fabulous patio complete with doggie treats and water bowls for your pups! It is technically a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but don’t let that scare you away. Many of their ingredients are local, everything is made from scratch, their menu is diverse, and their inexpensive pricing is a big plus, too! Especially if you hit their happy hour.

Bouldin Creek Cafe (3 of 5)

Bouldin Creek Cafe Happy Hour Specials

I went for the Inner Sun Omelet this time. Oh. My. Goodness. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Basil, diced tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and feta and cheddar jack cheeses complete with a side of locally grown, sliced tomatoes and homemade sourdough toast.

The Inner Sun Omelet

The Inner Sun Omelet

With this huge portion, I definitely had this for both lunch and dinner, and for under ten bucks, too! Make some time for a visit to Bouldin Creek Cafe this week or next time you visit if you are an out-of-towner. You can thank me later!

Until next time my friends,



One thought on “More Holiday Shenanigans + A Taste of Austin

  1. LMBO!!! Shopping for the tree story!! So wish there was a video – images in my head of you all climbing in & out of the windows can not be as good as the real thing!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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