The Live Music Capital of the World


I grew up with a very strong appreciation for music, largely thanks to my rockstar Daddyo, a musician himself, who played all the classics for us growing up. From Led Zeppelin, to Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rush, Chicago and many more, music was always playing at our house.

My dad, John Teel, while playing at a gig with his band, The Fog.

My dad, John Teel, while playing at a gig with his band, The Fog.

Years before I ever moved to Austin, I knew of its reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World– and having lived here for many years now, I can relay with confidence that it definitely lives up to that reputation. From Austin City Limits to SXSW and everything in between, there are countless great shows here year round.

ACL :: 2013

ACL :: 2013

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the live music scene in many capacities over the years. From countless shows at Stubbs, Elephant Room, Moody Theater (ACL Live) & other venues, to the festival scenes, to just taking a casual stroll down Sixth Street, you can literally see live music on any given day in Austin. How awesome is that?!

SXSW :: 2014

SXSW :: 2015

Of the countless shows I’ve seen, there is no way to choose a favorite, but the Austin City Limits Music Festival is a one-of-a-kind experience (as is SXSW). You will have to fight the crowds, but it is more worth it! The headliners are always great, but make sure to catch the smaller shows too. I’ve discovered so many great artists that I had no knowledge of prior to ACL, but that are now on my regular playlists. The same goes for SXSW.

Casey Henson & I with MR MS after getting their autographs at ACL :: 2013

Casey Henson & I with MR MS after getting their autographs at ACL :: 2013

The concept of music in and of itself is, simply stated, magical. It can evoke so many different feelings in people. It motivates. It emanates love and peace, among other feelings. It can bring back crystal clear memories of times and places that were seemingly foreign before hearing a certain song or album. It is timeless– in my opinion anyway.

Central Park :: 2013

Central Park :: 2013

While this photo was not taken in Austin, it encompasses so many of my thoughts and feelings today about music. Two summers ago, while strolling through Central Park in NYC, I came across this couple. He was playing guitar, and they were both singing. It way joyful, playful, and a blissful moment even for a bystander like me. It was all about the music.

Live music at Barton Creek Spa :: Spring 2014

Live music at Barton Creek Spa :: Spring 2014

I mentioned this before, but you can see live music in Austin literally any day of the week. If you haven’t planned to see a show in advance, no worries. Just take a quick jaunt down sixth, or check out this great link to find a live show based on district, venue or genre.  Or, feel free to ask me!

Love & Light,



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