Card Happening + A Giveaway

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For years now, I’ve implemented a simple concept in my business that requires little time, but yields great results– sending personal, hand-written notes on a routine basis. Whether it is to a new acquaintance,  a past client, or just a friend or family member, everyone seems to appreciate the time and thought put into this small gesture.

CardHappenings :: Spring 2015

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

So naturally, when I randomly met Elizabeth and William of Card Happening and heard their story, I was captivated. Essentially, they take the personal note to another level with one-of-a-kind, stunning hand-painted cards inspired by natural phenomena.

CardHappening :: 2015

Card Happening :: 2015

While their styles reflect and are inspired by certain phenomenon, no two cards are the same, making each personally sent note truly unique and different from any other.

CardHappening :: Spring 2015

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

And since I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with the founders of Card Happening, I would love to introduce them to all of you, too. They are a fabulous, two-person team: William is the Sales and Applied Technologies Rep, and Elizabeth is the the amazing artist behind it all.

CardHappening :: Spring 2015

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

I will briefly share their inspiring, dream seeking journey, but as I cannot fully do it justice, I encourage you all to read their story on their website here.

Overall, Card Happening is driven by the fundamental belief that beauty is a happening, hence the name Card Happening. Inspired by the wildness of nature, each individual stroke and layer on every card is intentional– carefully thought out by Elizabeth in order to create a mesmerizing experience, different for each recipient.

CardHappening :: Spring 2015

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

Elizabeth has been hand-making greeting cards for friends and family out of various materials for many years. From paints to wrapping paper, to soup can labels and much more, each card was different as she conveyed each greeting through her artistic ability and creativity.

CH (41 of 47)

Elizabeth loved creating these beautiful works of art so much so, that she and William decided to share this alluring concept of her one-of-a-kind greeting cards with the public– and so Card Happening was born.

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

Upon first meeting Elizabeth and William, they generously gave me a set of three of their unique greeting-cards. Even in that moment, I felt honored to receive their simple gift as I immediately recognized the sheer beauty and passion put into the creation.

These greeting cards leave wonderful, lasting impressions. The colors are vibrant with each stroke wildly different from the next, and the results are strikingly beautiful.

CardHappening :: Spring 2015

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

Since meeting Elizabeth and William, I’ve given many of their cards to clients with my personal message inside. People absolutely love them! And its so much fun to go through and pick out a specific style and card for each client + I LOVE supporting local businesses. Its a win-win all around.

CardHappening :: Spring 2015

Card Happening :: Spring 2015

Lucky for you guys, they are giving away sets of three cards (one of each style) to three lucky winners through HopeLivesAustin in the next 24 hours! Enter to win the contest by liking HopeLivesAustin on Facebook or Instagram, by liking @CardHappening on Instagram or by sharing this post!

And if you aren’t one of the lucky winners, but you’re interested in ordering some for yourself, Card Happening greeting cards can be purchased at the Blanton Museum here in Austin, or through their user-friendly website. You can also follow them on Instagram: @CardHappening

I love Card Happening and I know you will, too!




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