Weekend Recharge

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Each Friday, about half way through the day I begin to feel this sense of excitement, a flutter of riveting anticipation: What will this glorious weekend in Austin behold?

With an Austin bucket list a mile long, the possibilities are always seemingly endless with new restaurants to try, different trails to hike, more natural beauty to be observed… the list goes on forever.

Blog 7

East Side Show Room :: January 2016

Unlike most other weekends, I went into the last with no solid plans other than to show several homes in Central Austin on Sunday [which is ALWAYS fun! :)]. On the rare occasion that this happens, I am always extremely excited at the thought of exploring the city, discovering new gems and hot spots along the way.

Blog 6

Zilker Brewing Company :: January 2016

Friday night, somewhat last minute, my friend Kate and I decided to go to dinner to catch up. We ended up at Juliet, a modern twist on classic Italian food, centrally located on Barton Springs Road. The atmosphere was charming and almost magnetic with the buzz of conversation and laughter over creative cocktails and scrumptious bites.

Kate and I visited Italy over the summer together, so our standards for Italian food are considerably high. After debating over what to order, we opted for an olive oil tasting and mixed olives to start followed by their carbonara dish and a pizze, which we shared.

Oh. My. Goodness. Deliciousness! [And plenty of food.] We had a wonderful experience.

Blog 5

Juliet :: January 2016

Saturday was equally as fantastic. The weather was incredible- sunny and 70’s, and I was determined to spend as much time outside as possible! After playing tennis, a few friends and I decided to put together a small picnic and head to the greenbelt.

We opted for the Campbell’s Hole entrance point off of Spyglass, and ended up staying until after the sunset.

Blog 2

Campbell’s Hole :: January 2016

There we were, sitting in the city’s center, soaking it all up. The jagged limestone cliffs and the bright blue sky set an ideal backdrop for watching the sun sparkle over the clear rushing waters, revealing ancient histories of time–the slabs of rock worn down and shaped over thousands of years. It was mesmerizing.

Blog 4

Campbells Hole :: January 2016

I remember sitting there, watching the sunset and thinking, is this real life? Words cannot do it justice, but it really makes you reflect on life’s bigger picture– give more, do more, love more, be thankful.

Blog 1

Sunset at Campbell’s Hole :: January 2016

Sunday was great too. Showing in Central Austin is always a blast, and the rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for this week.

In Real Estate you spend A LOT of your time on the go, and some weeks you feel like you don’t stop other than to sleep– and then you dream about real estate too! 😉 But this morning I woke up feeling completely recharged, feeling thankful for a job in which I get to help people and ever so thankful to be waking up in the amazing city of Austin, Texas.

Until next time,





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