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As we transition into fall and winter with the end of the year quickly approaching, I’ve begun to reflect over the past year and all of the major life changes that have occurred. Some were incredibly exciting and others bittersweet, but change equals growth.

Here are the highlights: My darling parents moved out of my childhood home, my sister moved across the country to Seattle, and my baby brother became an Aggie! I left my real estate career in Corsicana to move back to Austin, and I have since finished my degree and joined an amazing team at RE/MAX Austin Skyline.

Graduation 2014 (1 of 1)

Parker, Kelsey and I at my graduation in May. Hook ‘Em!

Among all of this excitement, change and growth, I am most excited about two things: 1) Finding another amazing, successful mentor to guide me through a sort-of career “re-launch” as I build my real estate business in Austin (my mom was the first) and 2) Being blessed with the opportunity to move back to such a wonderful city.

And let’s be honest, what better place to be in real estate than in Austin, Texas?!

Your Austin Area Home Team shot by Vivian Daywood.

Your Austin Area Home Team shot by Vivian Daywood.

Due to all of its growth, Austin is a completely different place than it was when I moved home at the end of 2010. We didn’t cross I-35 or venture into the east side unless we were going to Juan in a Million, but I now live and breathe all that the east side has to offer— and I LOVE IT! Between visiting all of my old favorite spots and trying out all of the new, I am rediscovering the city in all of its golden glory.

From early morning greenbelt hikes to cool fall evenings listening to live music on a patio somewhere downtown, I strive to experience Austin culture to its fullest extent—and my goal in this blog is to share my journey of discovering and rediscovering everything this unique city has to offer with all of you. Oh, I’ll be sharing some great market insights along the way with you, too!

View of Austin's Graffiti Bridge and skyline that I shot over the summer.

View of Austin’s Graffiti Bridge and skyline that I shot over the summer.

And remember, I don’t just sell Austin, I live Austin— And I LOVE IT!