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Record breaking rains + devastating floods in the Great State have dominated news outlets, even nationally, over the last few weeks. While my close friends and family across Texas have been fortunate enough to stay safe so far, it has absolutely been a wild ride.


All of the flood gates of the massive dam at Richland Chambers Lake open after a massive rain.

In many ways, everyday life has slowed after numerous weather delays, and life has not been normal this year compared to other spring seasons for Texans across this sprawling, beautiful state.

Last week my friend, Kate, and I went to visit my parents for Memorial Day Weekend. After watching a vigorous storm blow in from the boathouse on Monday (at what seemed to be lightening speed) we sprinted into the house and hunkered down in the closet, delayed from returning home to Austin due to flash flooding and tornadoes surrounding us.

Richland Chambers Lake :: Memorial Day Storm 2015

Richland Chambers Lake :: Memorial Day Storm 2015

After checking with friends in Austin, we wouldn’t have been able to return home anyway.¬†Parts of central & downtown Austin were flooded and tornadoes were circling our northern suburbs too. However, we were much more fortunate than our south/southwestern neighbors in Wimberley and San Marcos.

Many people lost their homes & cars, others lost their loved ones, and still others lost their lives. If you would like to help, the American Red Cross needs volunteers, and if you are unable to volunteer, you can make a donation here.

Friday, May 29th :: Our first sunny day in Austin post flooding

Friday, May 29th :: Our first sunny day in Austin post flooding

The sun is shining here in Austin today, and while we are expected to get some drier weather soon, we are not in the clear. Keep Texas in your prayers, and if you don’t pray, send us lots of good vibes and thoughts! They are much appreciated, and even more necessary.

On a much lighter note, I have partnered with a local, hand-painted greeting card company here in Austin, and next week we will be sending you guys some free goods!! They are CardHappening, and their work is nothing short of stunning. My team at REMAX just ordered several dozen! Here’s a little sneak preview of their amazing greeting cards.

CardHappenings :: May 2015

CardHappenings :: May 2015

Next Thursday I will be featuring CardHappening, telling you their awesome story, sharing their work, and sending out some goodies to you guys! Don’t miss out!